This post was written by our Year 10 work placement student, through Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership. We are delighted to be part of the initiative, supporting the education, training and development of young people by hosting a student at the Burns Sheehan offices in London. Burns Sheehan are passionate about offering an experience for students that will ignite a determination to fulfil their aspirations. We’re honoured to have been given the opportunity to get involved and hope that we can continue to do this moving forward.

Ex Machina

A dazzling 2015 sci-fi that will keep you at the edge of your seat. The film is based around a robot, its creator and an unsuspecting computer programmer. Part thriller - part romance, the film is full of plot twists, culminating in a shocking and unexpected outcome. The creator’s idea is to humanise his robot; to give it a gender, an attractive face and a flirtatious manner. This challenges the viewers’ perception – she is a robot but does she have a conscience?  

ex machina

Watch the trailer here

I, Robot

I, Robot stars the great Will Smith as a tech-phobic detective Del Spooner as he investigates the murder of Dr Alfred in the year 2035. He tries to convince the world that robots were not created to be trusted. His aim is to persuade the creators of the robots that their invention has violated the laws of robotics as he uncovers a murder that he suspects was perpetrated by a robot. The film asks the questions – Is robotics a threat to humanity?  

I robot

Watch the trailer here.

Minority Report

Minority Report; an American action mystery-thriller film directed by the Steven Spielberg, starring dashing actor Tom cruise playing “Chief of PreCrime”. The film is set in the year 2054 where “precrime” is predicted and prevented using high knowledge of technology. However, things all spiral out of control for Cruise when he is being framed for the murder of a man who he has not yet met. Could this be the future for us in reality?

Minority Report

Watch the trailer here.

Robot and Frank

Robot and Frank is another highly-acclimated science fiction film, offering a considerably slower pace than the film mentioned above. When a former jewel thief receives a robot butler programmed to look after him as present from his son, they set out a secret mission which later on leads to an unexpected visitor at their door. The comedy-drama plot delivers an insight in to how humans might one day interact with robots.


Watch the trailer here

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