24 Sep 15 Events

TechCityWomen: Our second event roundup

Last night we held our second TechCityWomen event, this time in our brand new office!



The event kicked off with a brief introduction from Izzy, our Marketing Manager and Founder of TechCityWomen, who explained the mission behind TechCityWomen before introducing our guest speaker for the evening: Lauren Hine, CEO and Co-founder of Zealify and Founder of FemaleFounderFridays.

TCW Izzy's introduction



Izzy’s motivation for creating the TechCityWomen events came partly from her slight dissatisfaction with some of the women in tech events she’d attended in the past. In her opinion, they stifled knowledge sharing and the sense of community by limiting the conversation to a few - albeit brilliant - guest speakers, so she decided to try and create her own event series to offer technology professionals something different.



“TechCityWomen combines the life and industry changing possibilities of conversation with the power of community in an attempt to make the tech world a better place,” said Izzy, “We hope that TechCityWomen will signify a space for everyone to share their stories, opinions and advice to others so that we can all - together - understand the state of the tech world and how to make it a better place to work.”


TechCityWomen - Lauren Hine speaking





Lauren Hine then stepped to the floor to give a thoughtful and inspiring speech, packed full of practical tips and advice whilst telling us her story. The Q&A and open discussion focused on several key questions:


How can we adjust our hiring policies and processes to attract more female talent? 

What is the best way to find a technical co-founder?

Do women need to “act like a man” to fit in and/or succeed?

How can we support working mothers and fathers without isolating them from the rest of the team and limiting their ability to progress?

How can we change the ‘brogramming’ culture at male-dominated startups to make themselves more appealing to women in tech?



We were absolutely thrilled to see everyone in the room engaging in conversation, comparing personal experiences, talking about their career goals and sharing their advice and insights. It was amazing to see so much engagement on Twitter too!


TechCityWomen - tweets from our guests



We have created a TechCityWomen LinkedIn group which anyone is welcome to join. We hope this will become a forum where people can share interesting content, make new connections and find advice and support from the TechCityWomen community. If you'd like to join, click here.






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