Our first ever #TechCityWomen event was on May 21st ! For those of you who missed out, here's a quick re-cap of the evening's events. 


Our first #TechCityWomen speaker was Jess Butcher, Co-founder and CMO of Blippar - the world’s leading mobile visual browser. Jess kick-started the commercial and marketing operations across Europe and the US and manages external communications and brand marketing, driving the ever-growing global awareness of the powerful new verb ‘to blipp’. What makes her even more impressive is that she is a mother, soon to be a mother of two, and still looks as cool as a cucumber. 

It was fascinating to hear Jess’ story - how she came to be named one of the BBC’s international list of ‘100 Women’ in 2014 and the challenges she faces in balancing worklife with motherhood. Jess’ ability to raise a child whilst driving the growth of Blippar is inspiring to us all, but she reminded us that being in a leadership position can actually make it easier to raise a family if you’re able to define your own work schedule. She was refreshingly down-to-earth, astute and receptive, and her opening kicked off a long conversation and debate that covered a wide variety of important topics, including flexible work hours, maternity and paternity leave and even freezing eggs!  Everyone who attended was engaged and joined in the conversation and it was wonderful to hear so many different opinions and perspectives. 

Many thanks again to everyone who joined us, to Jess for providing the perfect opening, and to A_SPACE for providing such a lovely ‘home’ for us that evening.

We couldn’t have asked for a better first #TechCityWomen event and we’re already planning our next instalment, which will take place in our brand new office! If you’re interested in attending future events or would like to be our next #TechCityWomen speaker, please email izzy@burnssheehan.co.uk.