27 Aug 21 Client Spotlight

Spotlight on our Latest In-House Partner: Learnerbly



We're very excited to introduce our latest in-house partnership with the pioneering EdTech scale-up, Learnerbly!

Learnerbly are on a mission to become the most inspiring learning platform for people & organisations around the world. Winners of the L&D Supplier Of The Year 2020, the team are embarking on their next stage of growth & have exciting plans to triple their software engineering team over the coming months.

Working exclusively with the Learnerbly talent team, we're looking for experienced Full Stack Engineers (JavaScript/TypeScript) to help shape their systems design & AWS infrastructure. Joining the team at a pivotal stage of growth, you'll be instrumental in delivering high quality solutions to meet the growing needs of Learnerbly & its customers.

As a fully distributed, #flexified organisation (approved by Flexa Careers) you'll have the flexibility to work where you work best, with the option to use co-working spaces when you want to connect with your team. With a values-driven culture & an open-sourced Employee Guide you can browse freely, you'll be joining a company that really puts its employees first.

We sat down with Learnerbly's Head of People Experience, Lauren, to find out why now is such an exciting time to be joining the team...



Can you tell us a bit about Learnerbly and why now is a great time to be joining?

It’s such an exciting time to be joining us because we're heading into 2022 with our Series A funding secured and we're ready for expansion into the US. It’s an awesome opportunity for people who want to build something that’s going to help create learning opportunities for 1000s of employees around the world. The impact of what you’ll be creating is going to be enormous and we have huge growth plans for the next 12 months.


What have been your key learnings from COVID? Is there anything that you’ve changed or updated as a result of the last 18 months? 

Last year we had an office in London, but we decided to give that up and move to a permanently distributed model as a result of COVID. We have a subscription with Spaces, which is a co-working provider who have office locations all around the world and in major UK cities. So everyone in the team has options: they could work from home, make use of our co-working space or do a combination of the two.


The key thing is that we want people to make the decision on where they work best, so people have the flexibility to decide where they’ll do their best work on any given day of the week. A lot of companies are ‘forcing’ their people into hybrid models or a full return to the office. We believe in the power of choice about learning - so why not the choice about where you’ll do your best work too?


What do you think is the best thing about working at Learnerbly?

I would say the opportunity. I'm building the People Experience Team from scratch for the first time and my experience so far has lent itself into how autonomous, trusted and empowered everyone is in Learnerbly. If you see something that could be fixed or something that could be done differently, you're empowered to go and make that happen. The opportunity to create and build something so early on in our company's journey is what's so exciting about it, you're not having to unpick things that are 10-20 years in the making, a lot of times you're creating things from scratch with a clean slate.


What kind of person would excel at Learnerbly?

The kind of people that would excel at Learnerbly are the people that can show up against our values and ADD something to our culture. Not a culture fit, but a culture add. It's also an absolute must that you're able to both ask for, and give feedback in a constructive way so we can all help each other to learn and grow.

* Be your authentic self.

* Set the destination, own the journey.

* Invite everyone to dance.

* Practice heartfelt, radical candor.


Could you give us an insight into the culture of Learnerbly?

It's a true values driven culture. And I know, so many companies can say that, but our values aren’t just words on a virtual wall. Our people show up against our values every day, which helps us all feel engaged and a part of something. We know we work so much better when we work as a team, and I think our culture really lends itself to that. 


We're in the process of evolving our values at the moment which will help springboard us through our next phase of growth, and every single person has been invited to participate in that project. It doesn't matter what role you’re in, whether you've been with us for two minutes or two years, everyone is going to be involved in it and be able to have their say. We’re half way through the workshops already and the consistency in what people are sharing so far is remarkable.




If you'd like to hear more about the opportunities available at Learnerbly, get in touch with our Talent Partner Tom Dunford for all the details.


🌟 Experienced Full Stack JavaScript Engineers - Read the full job spec here 👈

🌟 Browse the Learnerbly Employee Guide here


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