Today is Blue Monday, statistically the most 'depressing' day of the year. Whilst the science behind these stats are somewhat questionable, there's no denying that January can be tough. With festivities coming to an end, December pay cheques running out and the overwhelming feeling to tackle all of our News Years goals, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and a bit down at the moment.

But here at Burns Sheehan, we're shifting our focus from #BlueMonday to #MotivationalMonday, focusing on ways that we can make today positive, fulfilling and most importantly, looking after ourselves and our mental health. Below are a few tips & ideas to consider today to uplift your mood and put yourself first!

Keep Active!

Moving your body is a great way to boost your mood and feel accomplished. Exercising is not only proven to help increase concentration and productivity, but it causes a release of endorphins, your body's natural mood booster. Whether it's getting out for a walk at lunchtime, hitting the gym after work or trying a new workout, making the time to get your sweat on will get your day off to a great start and get the positivity flowing. 

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Do Something To Feel In Control

Feeling as though you've taken control and ownership over something today is a great way to feel positive and motivated, not to mention a great start to the week. Think of tasks or activities you might have been putting off but you know that you really should get done... Perhaps it's finally updating your CV and getting back out into the job market, or maybe you need to take a look at your budgets ahead of the new year and take control of your finances for 2022. Or, maybe it's something simple like organising and decluttering your space or planning your diary for this week. Whatever you need to do to feel on top of things and take control of an aspect of your life, today is a great day to pour yourself a coffee and get it done! You'll feel so much better after, it's just all about getting started. 

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Eat Well

Looking forward to a delicious meal can be an easy way to bring positivity into your day. If you're on a new year's health kick, why not cook yourself a new and adventurous healthy dish for dinner tonight. Our team love the meal kit's by Gousto as a quick and easy way to stir up something healthy in the kitchen. If cooking isn't your forte, how about booking a meal out with friends? Or maybe even a treating yourself to a lunch out today, a great way to get some fresh air and out of the office - double win!

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Uplift your energy!

Practising some mindfulness today - however you choose to do it - is essential for keeping your mind calm, uplifted and in tune with your body. Maybe that means taking time out to practise yoga or a bit of mediation. Or perhaps it's discovering a brand-new podcast to get lost in. Have you checked out our very own - The Start-Up Diaries Podcast? If things are feeling a bit much, take a nap and restore your energy, or slow it down with some reflective journaling. Positive energy brings a positive day!

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Do what you enjoy

Above all, make some time to do what you know you enjoy today. January is a tough month for everyone and it can be easy to put aside the things you love doing for new goals, new work loads and new routines. Whether that's taking time to see friends and family, working on your hobbies or just doing some self-care, nothing beats a bit of you time!

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We hope these tips give you a bit of motivation & spread some positivity today! And if your job is making you feel extra blue today... why not get in touch with one of our consulants and see if there are some new opportunities out there for you today?