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Welcome to our brand new “staff corner”, where we will be introducing you to the Burns Sheehan team.


It’s a very exciting time here at Burns Sheehan as we are currently experiencing a period of immense growth in the team and are always looking for great people to join us. If you are looking for a new opportunity to join a fast growing recruitment team, then get in touch! 




Joss Newman joined us in September 2014 as an Infrastructure Technology Recruiter.



joss picture



Joss is probably the most dapper guy I’ve ever met. He’s defies the Casual Friday dress code, preferring to come to work impeccably dressed, and apparently his perfectly coiffed hairstyle takes on average 7 minutes to perfect each morning. He truly owns his own highly sophisticated personal style, and we love it.


Joss is also known as one of the more social members of the Burns Sheehan team – he freely admits that beer is his guilty pleasure and it seems like he’s out almost every night of the week with friends, colleagues, candidates and clients. I had no idea how he had so much energy all day until I realised that he is a closet coffee addict snob enthusiast.




But there’s another, perhaps unexpected, side to Joss. Beneath that polished, sociable exterior is a thoughtful, earnest, humble and intelligent man. A true gentleman. I decided it was time to sit down with the real Joss to learn more…




So what’s with wearing your suit all the time, even though the rest of us are pretty casual?


I like to dress smartly. You never know who you might bump into, or when you might meet a new contact who could be beneficial to your work, so I want to be presentable so I will make the best possible first impression. I want to dress how I’d like my candidates to dress when meeting their interviewers, and I guess I usually expect them to wear a suit!



Who would play you in a film and why?

I think Leonardo Di Capro. He’s a handsome guy, he has a great personality and I’m a massive fan of his work. If I had someone play me in a film I’d want it to be someone I admire, and I think he’s the best actor of my generation.



And you see yourself as the best recruiter of your generation…?

(Haha) Well! We shall see. Maybe one day.



What is your biggest pet hate?

It’s tough one and I have thought about it for a little while…but I think it’s probably people eating loudly. It’s a massive pet hate of mine. If I was out on a date with someone and she was eating loudly it’d be a deal-breaker.



Can you tell me about a book or film that has recently inspired you?


That’s a hard one. I’m more of a film-person to be honest, and I think if I had to pick one it would maybe be The Pursuit of Happiness. Will Smith obviously plays a fantastic role and the moral of the story is amazing: making the most of an opportunity and building something out of nothing. given an opportunity and making the most of it. If I have a down day at work sometimes I like to watch a few clips of that.



What do you think is the best thing about recruitment?

For me, meeting new people. I love getting out there, meeting new people, socialising and networking. But also I love that every day is different. I could be in the office all day one day, but the next day I could be meeting candidates in the morning, meeting clients for lunch, going out for drinks after work, making placements, negotiating. So it’s the social aspect and the variety in recruitment that really makes me tick. The office culture here is amazing too – I always enjoy having a laugh with the team.



What’s the worst thing about recruitment?


There are always lots of ups and downs in recruitment. For me, it’s when you find a candidate that you think is really great but they get rejected after the first interview, or if you get them an offer but they don’t accept it because of a counter-offer or something else out of your control…it’s those situations that are tough. There are lots of things I like about recruitment but at the end of the day you’re working to get people jobs, and if they don’t get the job you’ll always be a bit disappointed.



Are you a shower singer?


I am! Not in the morning, only on a Friday night.



Apart from that, is there anything else you can tell us about you that nobody else knows?


To be honest, I don’t think there is anything. I don’t hold back; I’m an open book!




(Haha) I’ve notice that! What do you like to do outside of work? I hear you’re quite the social butterfly..


Yeh I am. I like to go out and have a good time. I have a big group of friends, including all my work friends, people I’ve met through work, my friends from home, clients and candidates. I’m quite sporty and play quite a lot of golf, too. I used to play every day before I got into recruitment; now I only play on Sundays. I actually met my old MD through the golf club I belonged to and he offered me some work experience at his recruitment agency. I ended up staying there for three and a half years and then moved on to the wonderful world of Burns Sheehan!



What made you move on to Burns Sheehan?

Well, I mainly needed a change in environment. I started working in recruitment when I was sixteen and after three years I was keen to see how people can do recruitment differently and move up the career ladder.



What tech gadget is on your wishlist? Lots of people around the office have been talking about how they want to own drones or the new iWatch.  


Yeh….I’m not really into my gadgets. I’m always on my phone so I’d like to have a good phone or phone-watch or something like that? I guess a drone would be cool.



Surely there is some indulgent purchase you’re hankering after?


Well, I am going to Las Vegas in late August to celebrate my 21st birthday. So seven of my friends and I are going to spend five nights in Vegas.



If you met a student or recent-grad who was thinking about getting into recruitment, what advice would you give them?

I think recruitment is a fantastic job, and one of the best first jobs out there. You develop a lot of important skills that are transferable to a broad range of roles in any industry, and you usually get to work with some high profile clients and learn a lot about how good businesses are run. It’s really important these days to be able to network and communicate well, so even if you get into recruitment and it isn’t right for you will usually meet some great contacts who can help you find something else in future.




And can you describe yourself in one picture?


joss footballer


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