In December 2023, Joana Fedosenko celebrated 13 years with Burns Sheehan! Since starting her career with us back in 2010 as Finance Assistant, Joana has gained her ACCA Qualification, started a family, and is now our Head of Finance. During her time at Burns Sheehan, Jo has found her love for skiing through our legendary annual winner's ski trip and is now one of the company's most accomplished skiers! Joana is a superstar of the Burns Sheehan family and the business truly would not be what it is without her. Her dedication to her work, selfless nature and desire to always help others as much as she can are just some of the many things we love most about Jo.

We sat down with Joana to reflect on her 13 years at Burns Sheehan and discuss her highlights, challenges and the secrets to her success. We want to say a massive congratulations to Joana on her milestone work anniversary and here's to many more years to come!

How would you describe your last 13 years at Burns Sheehan?

Interesting, challenging, hard work at times, but always worth it.

I started as Finance Assistant 13 years ago. I had just finished my maternity leave back then and was really hungry to get out there and work. Burns Sheehan felt like home from day one. I have received so much support throughout the years, including being able to complete my qualification studies and grow into my current role. I've met so many good people here over the years and made some really good friends for life.

How did you get into finance?

I was always good at maths and was always thinking about doing something related to number crunching. So when I started studying accounts I knew straight away that it was my path.

Before joining Burns Sheehan I had done 3 years of studies with AAT. However it only gave me an Accounts Technical qualification and I knew it wasn’t enough for me. After I had my son Renat, it became difficult to continue with other studies. When I started working here and my son was a little older, I came across an opportunity with the support of Burns Sheehan to do my ACCA qualification. I just couldn’t let it go! I knew then that it was now or never, and I also knew that I couldn’t fail. My studies were taking up lots of my time and I knew that if I failed at least one exam, I would need to retake it. I just couldn’t afford that because of my full time job and family, so I gave it my all and I completed it!

What are some of your highlights from over the years?

Probably my growth from Finance Assistant to being a Head of Finance.

Ski trips are my favourite time of the year. I never knew I loved it so much!

What would you say is the most difficult part of your job?

I would not say my job is difficult. It used to be, but I have been doing it for so many years now that I think I could do it with my eyes shut! But I love challenges and new projects.

What is your favourite part of your job?

Going skiing! And at the moment just being able to go to the office.

13 years is a massive achievement and you’ve had a very successful career at Burns Sheehan. What do you think is the secret to your success?

I think people need to be sure what they want out of life. It probably comes with age. The most important thing is to be consistent. You should know your goal and work towards it. That and hard work, always give 110%.

Biggest lesson you’ve learnt from the last 13 years?

I think when you start any job, you need to give it your all, earn the trust of others and believe in yourself. You can climb any mountain and reach the stars.