Working in an industry that is infamous for its heavy male population can obviously have its challenges. However, there are certainly positives that come with such a role. In 2019, software company Ivanti released a report which suggested that women in tech are feeling more empowered than ever. 

According to this report, making a positive impact is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a woman in tech. Women being involved in technology allows them to have a positive influence on something that is becoming increasingly ingrained in everyday life. This is an invaluable aspect of any job- making a change. Whilst there may be few women in tech, the ones who are already there feel they are making a difference and this is something they value immensely in their jobs.

With tech ever evolving, expanding and changing, women claimed to prize being in a job that is never boring. It is seen as a  ‘passion project’. People working in technology, usually, have a deep rooted interest and enjoyment in the sector- many attending talks and workshops in their free time to stay up to date and in the loop with the tech community. What's more exciting than pursuing your passions and interests in a community that never stands still?

Empowering and encouraging women is something that these women do everyday- not just on International Women's Day. Being a part of the small percentile of women that are involved in tech means that every woman who has a technical career is encouraging other women to make the leap. They are all providing role models for women who are perhaps scared to make the step into such a male dominated role. They are working toward becoming the women that they looked up to before entering technology themselves. 

Of course, there are many advantages that come with being involved in the tech community as a woman. These are just a few that can be named. Embracing these highlights, and using them to uplift and encourage both women already in tech and other women is what is important and the most positive impact these attributes have.