Talk round-up from 'Securing The Cloud: DevOps Best Practices for Secure Operations'
Yasmin Benjamin, Lead Multi Cloud Architect @ PwC



When it comes to Cloud Security, there aren’t many people better equipped in the industry than Yasmin Benjamin to talk about protecting, scaling and maximising your cloud environment! Over the past 8 years, Yasmin as been working with the three main cloud providers, Amazon-Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Azure. Operating on the cloud has allowed the businesses and teams she’s worked with to scale quickly and efficiently, keeping their data more secure as the data is backed up instantaneously.

PwC are one of ‘The Big 4’ and are one of most established accounting firms in the UK! Therefore, as you can imagine, the level and size of the data that needs protecting is quite vast, showing Yasmin’s importance as a Lead Multi Cloud Architect. One of the biggest challenges Yasmin faces is ensuring the correct governance and compliance is functional within the Cloud.

As the compliance with data processes and workload is the customers responsibility, Yasmin and her team must ensure the correct tools, compliance checks and misconfigurations alerts are all in place, to protect this data. The Cloud provides the necessary visibility and dynamics to allow all of this to happen, at the scale it happens at.

Last Wednesday, Yasmin spoke about the best practices one can use when operating on AWS, GCP and Azure. The common theme that ran over all three cloud providers was that you must ensure you have Multi-Factor Authentication (or at least 2 Factor Authentication) enabled. This is to ensure that only authorized users and administrators can access the data within the Cloud, ensuring it’s kept as secured as possible.

The reason Multi-Factor Authentication is so important is because without it, the data within the cloud is inherently unsecure. Without data security, operating within the Cloud becomes pretty difficult …


Whilst the principals of operating on all three clouds are relatively similar, there are a few nuances that Yasmin brought to light. Make sure to head over to our YouTube and check out the recording of her talk and Yasmin’s slides from the night!

Whilst I was definitely not the most technologically literate person in the room last Wednesday, Yasmin did a brilliant job at helping explain the importance of cloud security, maximising its features, operating efficiently and scaling sustainably! I would love to thank Yasmin and for a great evening and hope that everyone who attended enjoyed it.

We look forward to seeing what emerges in the next few months and seeing where Yasmin and PwC go on their cloud journey!

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