Here's a recap on the latest of our TechTalk events, in collaboration with Schibsted, Equal Experts and Space Ape Games.

“Going Serverless” explored our speakers’ successes and failures with implementing Serverless architecture and infrastructure.

AWS Lambda in Production, an Experience Report

Yan Cui (Senior Sever Developer – Space Ape Games)
Domas Lasauskas (Senior Developer @ 101 Ways)
Find their slides here

AWS Lambda has changed the way we deploy and run software, but this new serverless paradigm has created new challenges to old problems - how do you test a cloud-hosted function locally? How do you monitor them? What about logging and config management? And how do we start migrating from existing architectures?

In this talk Yan and Domas discussed solutions to these challenges by drawing from their real-world experience running AWS Lambda in production and migrating an existing monolithic architecture for a social network to run on AWS Lambda.

Going Serverless Domas

Developing and running Multicloud Serverless applications in production

Rajpal Wilkhu (Technical Lead – Equal Experts)
Cosmin Onea (Associate Software Engineer – Equal Experts)
Find their slides here

Your customers do not care whether your solution is built on AWS, Azure or Google Cloud so why should you select one over the other? Combining multicloud services and functions as a service allows you to build applications quicker, that are more resilient and cost less to operate and manage in production.

In this talk, our speakers discussed the benefits and challenges of going Multicloud and Serverless sharing their real world experience of building and operating a platform across Azure, AWS and Google Cloud.

Going Serverless RajGoing Serverless @ EVRYTHNG

Ricardo Santo (Technical Lead - EVRYTHNG)
Find his slides here

More than a full-on migration of our code, EVRYTHING have embraced the serverless culture where and when it makes sense for them. The platform is extended by their clients, through their powerful rules-engine built on top of AWS lambda.

Lambdas have provided a solution to implement a secure, isolated, performant and auto-scalable extension point that EVRYTHNG’s clients can leverage.

Ricardo had an in-depth look at how he came to use Lambdas and what technical issues it solved for EVRYTHNG, exploring what their pains were and what they discovered along the way.

Going Serverless Ricardo