21 Jul 14 Recruitment Trends

DevOps Recruitment: What you, as a Candidate, Should Expect from your Agent

For the past three months, I’ve been solely specialising and focussing my recruitment efforts on the world of DevOps. It’s been thoroughly interesting to see how competitive the market place is for good calibre DevOps Engineers, more so than I’ve ever experienced, in fact.  Not that this value should ever elude us as Agents, but the notion of the importance of ‘treating people how you want to be treated’ is as important as ever when working in a small but rapidly growing skill area like DevOps. Of the people who I’ve been speaking to and representing for various DevOps positions for our clients, who’re primarily small to mid-sized tech-led organisations in London, I have asked the question, “how have you found Agents in general whilst looking for your next move”. I’ve had a varied response: Some have said that we’ve have become a lot more technically savvy over the last five years and seem to, at least understand the fundamentals of Development / Infrastructure and how it all fits together etc. Some have said that they are still frequently receiving calls from agencies who’re only interested in finding out what companies they’re interviewing with and even going as far as refusing to send their CV to their own clients unless they gave up this information. Some often report that they never hear back from many Agents with feedback from interviews. Probably the most notable thing that I’ve learnt is that most candidates that I’ve met, very rarely meet the agents that they’re dealing with.


Now, it’s virtually impossible for an Agent to meet every candidate that they speak to, even working in more of a niche, compact specialism such as DevOps, but 90% of the time, I will try and meet you if you’re progressing to a face to face interview with a client of mine. This not only builds trust and ensures that I get to know you better but it’s also a real opportunity to really display to you that I truly do have your best interests at heart and that the primary objective is not just for me to ‘place’ you as soon as possible so that I can make some quick commission. No, for me it’s much more about the bigger picture if you like; making sure that the fit is right for you the candidate and my client. If the match isn’t right, if the client doesn’t think that you’re right for them, or visa-versa, then we keep in touch and go again, we work together in the future and you can be comfortable in the knowledge that we’ve met, I’ve been honest and up front with you and hopefully, you will be more inclined to work with me as your trusted Agent. This is the only way for us as Agents to gain respect and trust which will in turn lead to long-standing relationships for all parties. As mentioned previously, this doesn’t and shouldn’t apply to just the area of DevOps, or just Technology or even agency recruitment in general for that matter, but it seems to be something that is genuinely lacking.

Luke Pentney

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