The recent events of the Black Lives Matter movement has made us pause and reflect as an entire business. Burns Sheehan is in full support of working to end racism and inequality of the Black community. 

We have a responsibility to educate ourselves on the inequality and racism that exists in society, and to be proactive in how we can step up and make a difference.

We recognise that our organisation is lacking in diversity and we are already beginning the necessary work to ensure that we address this inequality moving forwards, and to keep taking positive steps to ensure Burns Sheehan is an inclusive and supportive place of work. 

Burns Sheehan are therefore making the following commitments:-

1) We will examine our recruitment strategy & make changes to this to ensure we improve Black and minority representation amongst our people. Part of this commitment will involve educating our teams on unconscious bias & prejudice.

2) We are making a commitment to ensure that representation is an important part of the agenda when we are discussing hiring needs and interview processes with our clients. As a recruitment business with deep rooted relationships across the Technology Sector, we have the opportunity to help our clients embrace diversity in their hiring processes. We commit to utilising these deep partnerships to influence change.

We hold ourselves accountable to these changes and will continually review our commitments whilst remaining honest about our progress.

We understand that we cannot understand how the Black community is feeling right now, but we stand alongside them and are committed to making sure we take action in the months and years ahead to join the fight against racism and inequality.