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3 Dec 15

The Rise and Fall of Digital Skeuomorphism, and What it Reveals About Our Relationship with Technology

29 Oct 15

Where Edtech Meets Academia: An Interview with Audrey Jarre, co-Founder of Edtech World Tour

29 Sep 15

Burns Sheehan is hosting Appium London's Meetup this October!

17 Sep 15

The Death and Re-birth of Apps

21 Aug 15

4 Mind Blowing Technologies that are Transforming the Healthcare Industry

17 Aug 15

Is Technology Driving us out of Capitalism?

12 Aug 15

Has Google Solved The Innovator's Dilemma?

31 Jul 15

Innovative or Super Creepy?: Meet The Software That Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself

30 Jun 15

Is Infrastructure and Hardware the New Digital?

2 Jun 15

#TechCityWomen May 2015 - An Event Round-up

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